What We Do

Our Track Record

Our Track Record

We have advised on more than E1.6 billion in local transactions;

  • Emprop Ltd (100%)
  • Libuyile Ltd (100%)
  • Amandla (100%)
  • Montigny Ltd (47%)
  • SIDC Ltd (31%)
  • Triomf (31%)
Our Track Record
Our Track Record

We pride ourselves for consistently delivering above inflation returns, thus allowing our clients to grow their assets over time. We have been behind some of the most recent sizeable local transactions. This has allowed us to gain the largest share of retirement fund assets invested in Eswatini, with a mandate of close to E2 billion in invested funds.

We further help local institutional investors and asset managers to comply with statutory domestic investment requirements.

Equity Transactions

We have advised on more than E1.6 billion in local transactions.

  • We have successfully raised over 1 billion in debt within the past 3 years.
  • Have invested more than E600 million into private equity deals over the past 4 years.
  • Have packaged one of the largest property portfolios in Eswatini.
  • Advisory on Capital Raising of E750 million for buying SAPPI USUTU for emaSwati investors.
  • 100% acquisition of Goldblatt portfolio i.e. formerly  Township Developers, now Emprop (E160 million).
  • Purchasing of SAPPI USUTU for emaSwati investors (E0.750 billion).
  • Loan of E250 million to Eswatini Mobile.
  • Loan of E250 million to support local credit providers.
  • The purchase and sale of 50 per cent of the New Mall in Mbabane.
  • Loan of E80 million Emalangeni into the construction of the Corporate Place at the Swazi Plaza.

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Our Track Record